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From JHS: "The JHS Pedals Prestige is a booster/buffer/enhancer that will give you that “something”, the magic that you’ve been looking for. In a simple package, the Prestige can be used as an always-on preamp or buffer, or you can crank it up to send your amp into a natural overdrive that will dazzle audiences far and wide. The Prestige features one knob for volume. In the first 25%, you have a natural buffer/enhancer that is great for long cable runs or just to add a touch of brightness to your signal. At 25% to 75% the Prestige becomes a volume boost to give you a nice push for solos or to put in front of an overdrive to create more saturation. Above 75% and you’ll be sending your amp into a meaty natural breakup by pushing the tubes on your amp. This can be used as a first stage overdrive or a second stage to maintain your other overdrives’ tone while giving more of everything you love. - One knob that has plenty of tricks up its sleeve - Buffer/Enhancer for long cable runs or an always-on preamp - Booster for solos, saturating another overdrive or overdriving your amp VERSION HISTORY V1 = Rebranded from the Mr. Magic. Smaller enclosure. THIS PEDAL REQUIRES STANDARD 9V DC CENTER NEGATIVE POWER, CONSUMES 7mA, AND MEASURES 3.6" x 1.5" x 1"

Model: PG
Manufacturer: JHS

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