In Whom All Things - Matthew Emery

The second piece of "Two Pickthall Songs' suggests that whatever is in our hearts may remain there so that we are never truly parted. The music has three main sections which correspond to the three main images of the poem: “Love, in whom all things are;” “Love, in whom all things nest;” and “Love, in whom all things hide.” The main melodic idea is sustained while the harmonies meander. This is to represent the notion that events in life can be unexpected; things change, and we must forge a new path. The opening line of the text, “Love, in whom all things are,” is repeated to act as a cleansing phrase to end the piece, and to return us to the idea that we can find love and compassion in everything. All we have to do is to look. Duration: 2:30

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Catalog: 1.3534
Publisher: Galaxy
Composer: Matthew Emery
Voicing: SATB

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In Whom All Things - Matthew Emery
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